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Conditions to becoming a VIP member at Nagasaaki Casino

Conditions for VIP room and membership at Nagasaki Casino

At Nagasaki Casino, there will be a membership floor VIP room set for wealthy people. VIP rooms are normally on a different place compared to the massive casino space that normal tourists use, so they are usually on a quiet floor and even private rooms.

Also, the game rates are normally set high compared to the normal floor, tips are usually a lot and generally around one digit more.


It differs depending on the casino and each country on the conditions of VIP rooms, for example, Macau, Singapore and Philippines offer VIP membership with initial big deposit funds (several million yen or more).
* Korea and Las Vegas don’t have any deposit system. Click here for more information about VIP rooms in each country.

Then, players can start playing casino games after receiving game tips of what they paid, but these tips cannot be directly cashed out, so they need to be spent.


Also, deals for VIP members are a free bus pickup and dropoff between the airport and hotel, once they won a certain amount, then restaurants become free for them and so on.

On top of that, for upper class members among the VIP members, they get a free private jet to be picked up and dropped off, so deals that normally you can’t experience would be offered to those people.


At Nagasaki Casino, it can be thought that they apply a system where VIP members can be issued a VIP card for deals at restaurants, shopping malls, pools and spas in the IR facility.

When it comes to hospitality, Japan has a top level reputation, so it’s possible enough that wealthy overseas people will use the VIP room at Nagasaki Casino.

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