Blackjack game in Nagasaki casino

Strategy and surefire patterns for blackjack at Nagasaki Casino

1. Utilization of the basic strategy

Blackjack has a strategy called Basic Strategy.

This is a method to determine the comparative cards of the dealer and player such as hit to get a card, stay to not get a card, split and double and there’s a chart summarizing this sophisticated mathematical summary and it can be said to be cunning.

So, if you play with the Basic Strategy chart table, you can have the best choice to raise at the highest winning rate and reduce losing possibilities thoroughly.

Click here to see Basic Strategy chart table

By the way, the Basic Strategy sheet can be looked at while playing blackjack online, but in the normal brickwall casino, some tables may not allow you to bring the sheet in, so please note that.

2. Counting cards

Also, combining with a method to adjust the bet amount while guessing with leftover cards by counting the dealer’s cards and your cards will help you to raise your winning rate like poker, mahjong, Japanese chess and backgammon which you need a skill to win at.

Card counting is generally to remember the key 16 picture cards (10, J, Q, K) among 52 pairs and four aces, so a total of 20 cards need to be remembered.

After a few games, the leftover cards vary, so the more of those 20 cards they have, the more chance there is for you to increase the bet amount.


Another counting method is according to a blackjack author is to count 0 for A, 2, 7, 8 and 9, -1 for 3, 4, 5 and 6 and +1 for 10, J, Q and K. This method is also easy to apply, so it’s recommended.

This is basically that if the addition becomes 0 or more, then there aren’t many 10, J, Q and K left which means the dealer is at a disadvantage, but if the addition is negative, then there are more of the 10, J, Q and K cards left which means the player is at an advantage.

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